15 / Collaborate / Would you be so KIND to give me a job?



A campaign that guarantees students jobs after they graduate college


13 / Collaborate / KIND Vibes



Ever since the start of the project I have made it a point to be more healthy. Running is not really my thing, but when the weather is right and I have a great selection of music to listen to I can enjoy a short distance run outside. Today the weather was great! As I was running I was contemplating on KIND. What if these signs had motivational words on them? Words of encouragement to motivate you to keep going. Don’t stop. I always stop at the bridge, but today I kept going because I was running with a friend who happens to be in great shape. She was my form of motivation, but what if you were alone. Wouldn’t it be awesome to look up every now and then and have a sign or two to encourage you along the way.

10 / 8×8 / Failure to be KIND

The directive for the week is 8×8.

8×8 is a brainstorming strategy similar to mind mapping. You create a circle and divide it into eight sections similar to a pie. You come up with a category and fill each slice according to that subject matter. Once you have  a total of eight ideas you pick one word or thought to be the category for the next pie until you have come up with a total of 64 ideas (hints: 8×8)

The subject of our first pizza pie came from a class discussion on “FAILURE”. Failure can be defined as lacking in success or the inability to achieve a goal. Often times people associate failing with the idea of being defeated and not being able to recover. However, we came to the conclusion that failure is not always a negative thing if you can learn and grow from it. In fact, failure is a natural part of life and the creative process. The first 8 words that came to mind when we thought about failing were regret, doubt, stress, resilience, goals, shame, achievement, and pressure.

As we were mapping out these words I came up with the idea of going to the nearest pizza shop to interview people on exactly what they consider failure to be. We walked up to extreme pizza with our “failure pie” and there was a common theme among the people we talked to. When incorporating the brand KIND into our discussions we found that many people regret being unkind to their bodies. We used this opportunity to talk to them about the brand KIND and give them a health snack option in the future.

Just like KIND, Extreme Pizza stands for health, tastefulness, and giving back to the community. They are dedicated to providing their customers with nourishing and healthy food choices by using fresh ingredients everyday. Extreme pizza does not believe in mediocrity. In fact, their manta is “Extreme, not mainstream. Extreme Pizza has a strict policy to use only the freshest vegetables and the tastiest combinations of toppings. They are always experimenting with new ways to test the palette and push the pizza experience to a higher level. Extreme Pizza values the environment. They want their customers to get outdoors and enjoy life. “They endeavor to make a difference by directing conservation initiatives to improve our environment and quality of life in the Extreme Pizza communities.” Their goal is to contribute to global sustainability by becoming a world leader and educator in conservation.

^These words are taken straight from Extreme Pizzas philosophy, and to find out more you can visit their website at http://www.extremepizza.com/philosophy.html