3 / Lists / 3 of a KIND

My idea for three of a KIND started as a play on words. I ended up just interviewing 3 of my friends about their goals relating it back to KIND.

Inspired by the word “goals” from a list that I made.

Fatima: (Health)

Q: What are some factors that contribute to your success at staying motivated to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet?

A: I know it isn’t recommended to do this, but I love getting on the scale and seeing numerical results. I’m very competitive and I like going to the gym with a partner. If I see them working harder it encourages me to go back the next day and get better. I also mark the days I go to the gym on my calendar so looking back on it always gives me a feeling of completeness.

Brianna: (Body Image)

Q: How does what you wear impact the way you feel about your body? Is there one item in your wardrobe that makes you feel great when you put it on no matter what type of day you are having?

A: I love dressing up. Putting in the extra effort when I wake up in the morning to look presentable always pays off. I get compliments on my outfits a lot. I feel best when I have on lipstick and earrings.  I love accessories. Especially scarves in the winter time. They always seem to do the trick.

Marwa: (Community)

Q: What is your favorite way to help the local community and why?

A: My favorite thing to do is go to the boys and girls club. I enjoy working with kids and making a difference in their lives. Their faces actually light up whenever I walk in the room. It is rewarding to know that I can give back just by showing up and playing games in the gym or reading a book to them before they go home because they might not have those opportunities anywhere else.


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