46 / Story / Lunchtime Bully



The story behind this post: In class we made stories about a dollar. My story goes something like this: Everyone knows of a bully. Maybe they experienced it in real life or remember one from their favorite TV show. Well this bully, his name is Andrew and his victims is Harry. Harry’s mom packs his lunch everyday with a little extra money to get something sweet from the lunch line. Well today after Andrew made his rounds for lunch money Harry was extremely upset. More upset than regular days because today was ice cream day. A girl by the name of Molly saw Harry sitting at the lunch table all by himself and decided to sit with him. Molly was also Harry’s crush since the 1st grade. Anyway, long story short. Molly gave Harry a KIND bar, and of course Harry loved it because it tasted awesome! When Harry came home from school that day he told his mom that he would rather have KIND bars than money for lunchtime. From then on out Harry didn’t have to worry about Andrew stealing his lunch money because he had KIND bars in his life, and he grew up to be a healthy kid.


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