About Project 54

The purpose of project 54 is to engage in the limitless realms of creativity while connecting with the brand KIND.

What is KIND?

KIND Healthy Snacks are made from all natural whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains. The brand is dedicated to making healthy snacks that taste good. They believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient it shouldn’t go in your body, but the mission for KIND is deeper than just granola bars. KIND is committed to social entrepreneurship with an impact. Their focus is making the world a little kinder, one act at a time. The KIND brand proves that there is more to business than just profit. So the next time you’re in the store shopping for groceries think about doing the KIND thing for your body, for your tastebuds, and your world.


Each week I will be posting 4-5 creative and meaningful ideas that incorporate what the brand stands for. Some posts will have a specific direction others will not, but they will all have an element of good taste, wellness, and encouragement. In doing this project I hope to increase my creative thinking skills and explore all the different ways audiences connect with brands.



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