About me

Alyssa Nicole Gilbert

VCU – Entrepreneurship/ Nonprofit Mgmt Major


I’m one of those crazy people that thinks they have the power to make a difference in this world.

And I will.


10 things I value/enjoy/love to do/&cant live without:

1. Loyalty 2. payday 3. music MUSIC MUSIC 4. perfect weather 5. finding good deals 6. going on adventures/ traveling to new places 7. discovering talented people on youtube 8. chipotle ❤ 9. mexican food in general 10. trying new things


If you really care to know more:

I was born on October 14, which makes me a Libra. Balanced, Tactful, Charming, and Diplomatic.

I am one of four crazy kids. They call me the problem child, but I like to think of it as learning the hard way.

I see the good in all people. Sometimes it bites me in the ass.

I have a photographic memory, and I love all things ART. Music, fashion, photography, graffiti, poetry, etc.

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