40 / Quixotic / Trick or Treat


^This picture was taken at VCU in front of Shafer. Pretty Cool


Rather than stuffing your kids pillowcases with Candy this year. Try something different! Try KIND



39 / Quixotic / Phone A Friend




This is one of my dear friends, Shawnita Mccomb. She is awesome, and I decided to call and let her know. It was my act of kindness for the day. I spent over an hour calling my closest friends and family to let them know how much I appreciate their love and support. Life is too short. Be KIND to one another. PHONE A FRIEND.

37 / Quixotic / Kill Them With KINDNESS

One major pet peeve of mine is when people do not say thank you after you hold the door open for them. Especially when you go out of your way to awkwardly wait a couple more seconds because you awkwardly made eye contact when you turned around to see if anyone was behind you.

My idea for this post was brilliant! I wish I could have actually executed it. I was going to shoot a video of people going in and out of the commons. Every person that was rude enough to walk in or out of the building without saying thank you when someone held the door open… Well let’s just say I was going to kindly kill them with kindness. I made a sling shot in hopes of attacking them with kind bars, but I never had the chance to shoot the video.

Here’s my sling shot. I named it Peanut.